Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hi All

So in the effort to save time, I figured I could just keep this blog updated every so often with the happenings at the Butterfield household. Now I would love to say oh yeah I will update it once a week or so but realistly that's not going to happen. I may post pictures once a week but I for sure won't write once a week. A quick update on the kidos....

Parker oh sweet Parker. He really is the life of our household. He has turned the magic 4 yr old corner from a toddler boy to a real boy. He still is Moms cuddler and best shopping pal. He is loving school andsoon will realize that it is summer and school is out. I must find thigns for him to do or I am sure we will all go stir crazy. We are in the thick of spring break right now and he has spent the last two days with Grandpa, picking up uniforms from all the different good wills for the uniform bank, eating lunch out and just being all around spoiled. I am not sure who is enjoying the time more Grandpa or Parker. Parker is also learning to perfect teh art of standing onhis head. He is getting fairly good for a 4yr old. It was quite comical to see Parker, David adn Grnadpa Butterfield all trying to stand on their heads. Where oh where was my camera that time.

The Incredible Hulk(otherwise known as Cole) is still hulking it up pretty bad. He has mastered scaling the kitchen cup boards with lightening speed. Amzinly he is faster at this then Parker ever was. He still isn't talkign a while lot but we are working on it with him. Of course when he really does start talking we will wonder why we ever wanted him to I am sure. Cole is still trying to find his place as teh middle child. It has been a somewhat hard transition for him, but he is getting better at it. He loves loves his baby sister. If he could just sit and hold her all day long, I am sure he would. He does get a little overbearing at times but with a gentle reminder he softens up a bit. He realy is just a gentle giant.

Madily, sweet baby Madilyn or as she is more commenly refered to in our house Madi girl or Madi J. She really is just so sweet and puts up with a ton from her two brothers. Cole has only carried her once from the living room to the kitchen. He soon found his way to time out for that one and it hasn't happened since. She had her first taste of cheetos also, thanks to Cole. She is getting better at the sleep thing. We go about 4.5 hours at night now. Hopefully it will strech out a little more pretty soon. She is also starting to have more awake times. I try and snap pictures of her when she is awake because I love her big eyes and can't wait to see what color they turn out to be.
Thats it for now, check back soon and I am sure there will be more pictures up.


Greg Larsen said...

What a cute family! It looks and sound like you are doing well. Thanks for sharing!