Monday, December 3, 2007

Santa Train 2007

Every year we kick off the Christmas season with the annual Butterfield Family Santa Train trip. Each year a few new faces have been added and that only makes it that much more fun for all of us. This year we had not only Grandpa & Grandpa in Seattle, but Grandpa in the brick house came along to. Throw in Joanne and her crew, Cole's Adopted family(Tim,Liz,Connor & Dani) this nice family with a very cute little boy named Scotty( I think they were the Anderson's), it made for one very fun filled morning. This year however it seemed so much colder then previous years. We all bundled up to head on to the train at 10am, a short trip on a rocky train and then a wait in line to see Santa where Parker told Santa that he and Cole would like Bikes for Christmas. There prize this year was better in the boys eyes then previous years, no toothbrush or silicone bracelet this year but wooden train shaped whistles! UGH, every parents nightmare I tell ya! Joannes family lucked out and there's didn't work all that great. We however got two that worked just fine. Off to the dining car it was for wood stove baked cookies and watered down hot chocolate. Now watered down hot chocolate doesn't sound that appealing but when its 30 some odd degrees and windy that cup of hot chocolate was Delicious! The kids play a bit and then its time to board the train back to North bend and start the trip home. The annual Santa train trip wouldn't be the same however with out our annual stop at the outlet mall where David kindly sits in the car and lets me make a few stops here and there for some retail therapy. All in all it was a great day! Can't wait till next year where hopefully Nate and Karen will be, we missed you two and Kade this year!

Madi stayed bundled up all warm in her very festive red Sherpa lined snowsuit!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like fun Krysten, love the pics!!

Shauna said...

I loved the Santa train when I was a kid!! It was always freezing when we went though. How can you NOT like Aunt Faye's salad! That green, smooth, creamy goodness!!!! It's they only way I like Jello salad! :) It might just be an acquired family taste. Like stuffing thats practically nothing but soggy bread and chicken broth or banana sandwiches (I'm not sure if the Butterfields are into those, it might be a Hawkins thing).