Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Great Escape

The weather outside was dark,stormy,frigid all of those horrifying words that come to mind with a good old Washington rain storm. I'd been curled up on the couch enjoying one of my favorite stand by books. You know the kind, you don't have anything new,the weather outside prevents a trip to the library or bookstore kind of book.Now I just as easily could have been curled up watching a movie but,given the choice between reading a book and watching a movie I will choose reading a book time and time again. I enjoy a good story. Reading a book brings many different layers to the telling of a story. The subtleties of language create a mood and a setting, you are transported to a different time and place.
The same could be said for movies I suppose. Yet a part of me has always resented how movies spell everything out for you. Movies are such a visual art form and usually what you see is what you get and rarely does the movie follow the book. Still, every book that I enjoy, if it is made into a movie I like to watch it. So rarely is a movie superior to a book in my opinion, however. Books seem to be my greatest escape. I can crack open a good book and escape to another world. A world free of diapers, crying,whining,toy throwing two year olds, teething babies etc. You get my point right.


Scribbit said...

I love reading so much, course I love a good movie too, I think they're just harder to come by.

Sonja said...

What a great post! Your love of reading shows in your excellent writing. Oh! It's so good to have an escape when you're a mom. (as much as we love being moms, right?)

Daisy said...

I love my "back-up" books, too! There are a few titles I will never give away or sell because even though I know them almost by memory, I revel in the pleasure of experiencing these stories again and again.