Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thankful Tuesday

So our van broke down on Thursday of last week. Not fun I tell ya,not fun at all. We couldn't find the time it would need to fix it till Saturday morning. It only needed a thermostat and a radiator flush. Not to hard if you ask me. I have done plenty of thermostats on two different cars so this one should be a cake walk. Ya RIGHT! We apparently bought the hardest to work on Van. After a few hours of trying as hard as we could(Tim even came over to help), David and I decided that this job was better left for a shop to tackle. Thanks to Grandpa in the brick house and his AAA membership we had it towed to a shop and fixed. I never realized what a convenience it is to have a running car. After spending Thursday-Monday night juggling my Dads van between he and I, I was so thankful to hear our van was done and ready to be picked up.

On a different topic, I had big plans to write a post all about Cole on his birthday last Thursday. Stay tuned as that is still coming sometime today.