Monday, January 7, 2008

Working my mind and other random stuff

As I watch my kids grow, I realize that they learn and grow everyday. Everything in the world around them is new and fascinating. I then quickly realized that I was sitting stagnant. Not really exercising my mind as I should be or wish to be. I came across a blog the other day that I think I am going to love. She has a monthly writing contest. Now I don't consider myself a writer by any means but, it will give me an opportunity to exercise those brain cells of mine as I try and put pen to paper, or in this case fingers to keyboard.

On another topic, I think we make Chocolate Chip Cookies far to much in our house. The other day Parker said to me "Mom I know how to make Chocolate Chip Cookies" I said oh you do? Thinking to myself ya I am sure you do son. He then told me exactly how to make them right down to the correct ingredients and how long to bake them in the oven. Wow was my reply. Thanks to Grandma Butterfield, my son has become quite the chef/baker. He looks forward with anticipation to going to Grandmas house, not only to visit but more often then not he gets to cook with her. They have made everything from the simplest salad, yeast rolls, to stuffed mushroom caps. Which by the way Parker didn't like. According to him they were to slimy. I love the fact that my kids have a very close relationship with there grandparents. They couldn't ask for better ones I tell ya. Now that I have rambled on, I really should get back to the ho hum grind of daily life.


Scribbit said...

Well I hope to see an entry from you!

Sonja said...

Hey there Krysten!
Thank you so much for your nice comment! I was SO very excited that it was from YOU! I can not believe how big your kids are. They are gorgeous! I love your blog! And I love blogging, becuase now I can see what you are up to. I need to get on the ball and have my mom teach my son how to make chocolate chip cookies!!

I am also looking forward to that entry! Isn't Scribbit great?
Take care! Say hello to your family!! :D

Shauna said...

Ambitious! You'll have to post your work on your blog too! I'm so over winter right now, I want to go outside and play! It's driving me crazy.

Shauna said...

How did you link the pic "How do I keep my fam together?" to