Monday, May 17, 2010

Clear Lake 5.15.2010

I decided to try another lake instead of the normal American. I have talked with several people that said there are a lot of fish to be caught at Clear Lake. We got into the van @ 4:40 am and headed south. The lake is 45 minutes south of our house. We were able to watch the sunrise as we started fishing.

It wasn't even 10 minutes into fishing and we started catching fish. We ended up with 14 fish, but had on a lot more than that! The kids were having a blast guessing what pole was going to have the next fish on. The boys did a great job!

This is what we ended up with.

I think that we are going to come to this lake a lot more. There are a lot of fish for the kids to catch and have a lot of fun. The view is great and there were a lot of nice people out there. The kids actually told me that they would want to come to Clear and not American anymore. I am just enjoying that the kids love going out! The only downside is that the kids are beat the rest of Saturday and it runs into Sunday. Krysten is starting mandatory naps Saturday afternoon. I think that will help out a lot!

Here is the view from the lake...


Shauna said...

When my kids are old enough, will you take them fishing?

Missi Waldron said...

Holy Moly... Krysten! I saw your face and was transformed back into my 14 year old self at EFY. I totally remember you! I am so glad you left a comment on my blog... I love reconnecting. Keep in touch!