Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh my November

As you can see, I only made it through half of the month with my thankful posts. Be assured there is a ton of things I am thankful for, they just didn't make on the blog and here goes why....

 That sweet little goal keeper you see,well he had a rough month. We finished up soccer season. He was sick(strep throat kind of sick) for almost a week and a half before the last game. Missed church, school and cub scouts. Well towards the end of the week he was feeling better so I let him play. Probably shouldn't have but oh well. He played and they finished off there season with another win! He went back to school the following Monday. I get a call from the nurse. Parker twisted his ankle during recess. So home he came. At the end of the week was his trophy night and the Turkey tournament. So he rested that foot, even voluntarily stayed in during recess. He played awesome that weekend! He's back to feeling better, hopefully for a long time.
So in the midst of Parker being sick, David gets viral pink eye! Doctor says he can't go to work for the rest of the week. He stays home, tries to get his eye to heal. Drops weren't working and the cream the eye doctor gave him was making the skin surrounding his eye scaly, think like a snake molting and that was him. GROSS! Just when we think life is getting better, I come home Saturday night to a very sick David. His ear was swollen 3 times the size it normally is. Crazy! I didn't give him a choice, into urgent care we went. Thankfully Justine was able to come over and hang out at the house while the kids slept. Oh I didn't mention it was 10pm! They check him out, don't have a clue whats wrong with his ear. They decide to check his blood sugar. He is diabetic ya know. Ya that was out of control and didn't register on there machine. Automatic hospital admit for David. After a couple of days there, IV antibiotics(crazy infection in a gland in his neck) insulin shots and new oral meds. He came home. He still was super sick. The new meds made his stomach hurt. Thanksgiving was a blur, he did eat but not much. 

Oh and what I didn't tell you is I got strep throat in the middle of all this! But as Moms do I kept on truckin. Madi and Cole made it out of November pretty healthy. Hopefully December is uneventful. Although today Madi has quite the couch and green gunk so I doubt we make it through the holidays sick free.