Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, David quit his job at Pac-Net, we sold our house, pulled Parker out of school, and are moving to a commune in Montana to grow organic food, raise animals, and live in peace with the universe. Ok, maybe not . . . changed our minds once we realized there was no indoor plumbing. Anyway we wanted to start this letter with something more interesting than the obligatory "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" (Doh! It still got in!).

For those of you saying "but Krysten, your Christmas letter is the most exciting part of my family's Christmas celebration and we look forward to it with joyful glee and anticipation" - please get a life! OK . . . this section's for you . . . the usual facts/stats about kids, animals, etc. - or, as David would say, "the blah blah part." You are welcome to skip this section and jump to the "with love" part if you want.

Butterfield family 2007 facts and stats (read in a monotone gives you the full effect).

David-Gave our family the best gift ever, he graduated in June with his BS in Information System Security. Only to tell us that he was going to spend every waking hour of the next few months to study for his CCNA test(if you don’t speak geek that’s Cisco Certified Network Associates test) Thankfully, the boys and I can now proudly say we have a degree holding Cisco Certified geek!

Krysten- well I didn’t do much this year other then welcome the birth of our third child and our first baby girl Madilyn Jean. I am still busy running Parker to and from school, random errands and well just hanging out with the kids. Which sometimes I think is better exercise then any gym could provide.

Parker- He is in his second year of head start and enjoying every minute of it. He decided about a month ago that he wanted to read. So with the help of Grandma in Seattle’s Ultimate Dick and Jane book, he is well on his way. He had his first fishing trip to Canada with David and Grandpa for half a week. To say he loved every minute of it would be an understatement. Oh and if your keeping up on his random moves, he can now stand on his head and almost spin a 360, do a cartwheel and somersault without having his head touch the floor.

Cole- Well lets just say Cole has spent a fair amount of the year at the doctors or the Emergency room. He has had stitches in one finger, knocked unconscious due to a fall from a shopping cart, staples in the back of his head because he decided to see how strong the wall was in the living room and two loose teeth because he wanted to take a bite out of our entry ways window seat. Other then all that, he is a perfectly happy, on the go, chattering 2 year old.

Madilyn- Joined our family in March and wow is she different then the boy world we are used to. She is now 9 months old and on the go. She has five teeth, cruises the furniture and is just about into anything and everything within her reach.

We hope this letter finds you all well and in good spirits this time of year.

With Love


Parker,Cole & Madilyn