Friday, December 28, 2007

Some Christmas Fun

To say the kids had a blast this Christmas would be an understatement. We started out on Christmas eve at Davids Aunt Loraines house. The whole extended family gets together to hangout,visit,eat yummy food,the kids do the nativity,preform their many talents and sing carols. Which I might add that the women did a whole lot better of a job singing this year then the guys.
Madi got to sit for a few with her cousin Belize. Its nice to have someone her age since all her immediate cousins are boys.

The kids were great in the Nativity but sadly are camera was hidden away in the diaper bag so those pictures will have to wait until we can still some from Gary. We then made the trek up to Seattle to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa in Seattle's house. Amazingly the boys and Madi went to bed with out much of a fight. This picture is pretty good of David and Susan at 1:30am. We finally made it to bed around 2am. Thankfully the boys and Madi slept in till 7:15. Unheard of for them, but so so nice to us.

The boys were so excited to find that Santa had left exactly what they wanted.

A bike with hand brakes and a water bottle for ParkerA diego bike for Cole

and a walker for Madi.
Which she is so in love with and so is Cole. He can't resist standing her up to it and watching her cruise away.
We ended the day/evening with the Claridge Family. That was a lot of fun and rather quiet sine it was only Tim and family and Beckie and family.

Just some random pictures to end this post with.
We love crazy Aunt Susan
Madi and Cousin Jared

Grandpa in the brick house(as the boys call him)


Shauna said...

This picture of Susan is priceless!!! Madi is so adorable, I'm glad that Belize is going to have someone to play with too. And yes, the girls DID sound way better than the boys this year!! (although, maybe they do every year). I hope we can all get together sooner than next Christmas!