Monday, March 10, 2008

For Tricia

A lot of you know that I follow one particular blog fairly close. Matter of fact I think its one of the few things I check more often then my email. Its linked over in my links as an amazing story. Its a family of three, one sweet Mom with Cystic Fibrosis, an adorable micro-premie and from what I can tell an amazing father and husband that is documenting the life of his two girls. If you haven't checked out this story yet, please do. It really is an amazing journey of faith and love.Today there was a challenge from a fellow blogger to write down what you hope for Tricia to experience one day with her sweet baby girl. Heres my list...

  • a fully clothed little one that decides to fill the bath and hop in
  • That sweet sweet smell that only freshly bathed babes have
  • an open mouth kiss, there is nothing sweeter then a baby learning to give loves
  • bows,headbands,bracelets and all things girly(I am a tom boy at heart and even these excite me)
  • That first smile of I did it all by myself, even though it may be something you have told them not to do
  • The joy of watching her take those first wobbly little steps
  • The first time she spits peas back at you because really who likes pureed peas anyway
  • The one day I will wear a shirt that doesn't have baby spit up, drool, boogies or some other form of baby fluid on it feelings
  • picking out the most adorable little outfits only to have her blow right out of them two seconds later
  • The first it wasn't me Mama!
  • The devilish little grin that seems to escape from their lips when they know they are doing something wrong
There is a ton more I could list I am sure, but thats good for now


Dielle said...

What a sweet list Krys! All great mama moments!

Pamela said...

Hi, I was reading through some of the For Tricia's, and came to your blog. I really like your template. Would you mind telling me where you got it? You can just leave a comment on my blog. Anywhere will do.
Thanks, Pamela

Shauna said...

So I got really bored last night (Bro was playing basketball) and decided to dive into An Amazing Story. I cried the rest of the evening . . . no really, it was so sweet and really made me feel closer to the Savior . . plus I only cried during the video clips of the baby growing.