Saturday, March 15, 2008

Its the big 5!

Its happened folks! My little guy has turned the big 5! I don't know where the time went, but it sure did go by fast. From the time Parker started crawling he has been on the go. He just can't take a chance of having life pass him by. I sometimes wish I could have just an ounce of his energy. He has turned into quite the intelligent little man. He wants to know and learn about everything around him. He had a lot of firsts this past year. He had his first trip to Canada(not even Mom has been there yet). He read his first word all on his own, and is constantly wanting to read more. He got his first bike with hand brakes. He's a champ at riding it! He had his first airplane ride. The best little traveler I have ever met. He crossed the street by himself this year to walk into school by himself :( Please Mom he said, don't give me a kiss goodbye. My friends might see. It made me sad and happy all in one moment. He had his first cavity filled(he unfortionetly has his parents teeth) Went back with the dentist all by himself, took x-rays the whole bit. All on his own.
I love watching him grow and experience life.

Happy Birthday Bud!


Shauna said...

Looks like you are going to have one fun five year old! Does that mean he goes to Kindergarten next year? Wow!! Happy Birthday Handsome!!!

Anonymous said...

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