Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Cole!

He's 4! My big ox is 4. Here's just a little about him....

He loves Baseball, Cars and trucks. He really likes Monster trucks after having gone to it for his birthday. His favorite foods lately are Raisin Bran(go figure) oranges and Cheese. His favorite color is green, although his Dad told all of primary. He is a sunbeam this year and is loving it. He loves his teacher.He loves to snuggle, he needs to be by someone at all times it seems. He is particularly fond of Aunt Liz still and would choose her over Mom any day. He's Madi's biggest protector. I feel for her when she is a teenager. He won't let anyone near her now let alone then. He is Parker's best buddy or worst enemy with little in between. His stats are, 43" tall, 48lbs. He has always been above the 90th percentile according to the doctor. I am sure this years check up will say the same.
Our family sure wouldn't be the same if we didn't have Cole. We Love You!


Judi said...

Happy Birthday to Cole! Aren't little boys wonderful? I have 2 of them and they aren't little but they have always been wonderful.
I hope he had a very Happy Birthday too.
hope you have a nice rest of the evening.
come by and visit when you have a chance.