Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Warning! One very long very picture heavy December-April catch up post.

December was a not so good but good still month. Our Chevy Venture decided to call it quits. We ended up buying a Toyota Sienna that we think is fabulous! Of course December ended with Christmas. The kids were very excited for not only the gifts but the time that we get to spend with family on Christmas eve.A few days after Christmas it snowed making our winter vacation from school that much more fun!  Here are just a few pictures of the month of December in our neck of the woods.


The start of a new year is always a good thing. We started the year off well.David finally got a raise at work, which in turn keeps us where we are. Close to friends and family. Just the way we like it.

15th-My Mom has been gone 5yrs. Seems like yesterday still. However each year gets just a teeny bit easier as I realize more and more what our Heavenly Fathers Plan really is all about. No worries that I won't ever see her again, because I will and it will be a joyous reunion.

24th- Cole's Birthday. He was really excited this year for his birthday. He got a Cabellas hunting game for the wii and loves it. He also asked for a baseball birthday cake. I had a lot of fun making this one. It was a double layer Chocolate cake with a chocolate cream cheese filling. A little on the heavy side but still good.

Cole's favorite gift was from Aunt Joanne. He got some Pokemon Cards of his very own! He has since added a lot to those and the obsession is even stronger now.


Not much happened in Febuary. We celebrated Danica's birthday with her family at Red Robin. Parker completed his first ever science project. He chose to see which color candle burns the fastest. Turns out it didn't really matter the color.

 The other two things that happened in Feb. were that we bought a new bed and a new couch! We have wanted a king size bed for awhile now. We finally did it. David insisted on tying it to the top of the van in the rain to get it home. It was quite the experience. To top off the bed, David slammed his finger in the van door. Now his finger matches his very ugly big toe that a trailer hitch fell on. 

We also bought a sectional couch, which David also transported in the van. We love both pieces of our new furniture!


2nd: Madi;s birthday. Lots of fun. We pierced her ears for her birthday. She loves them. She sat unbelievably still and didn't even make a peep through the whole process. Strange girl! She also is way into Disney favorite moments dolls. She takes them every where!
Classic Madi, very opinionated and moody!
She loves to pose lately. Just like a model she changes the pose with every snap of the camera.

15th- Parkers 8th Birthday. He asked for a MP3 player this year. More specific an MP3 player that had a FM tuner. His favorite station- LA Grande 99.3- Otherwise known in our house as the Mariachi music station. Thanks to my Dad, he has a love of Mexican music. Not because we are mexican but because apparently Grandpa listens to that in his Honda. :) He also started Cub scouts this month. He loves it! The other important thing for Parker was his Baptism. Thats a whole blog post by its self. Its coming up soon!
Parker requested Hostess Cupcakes for dessert for his joint family party with Ryan. They were a lot of fun to make and really yummy too.
For Parkers first pack meeting it happened to be the Pinewood derby race. He had a ton of fun designing,painting and racing his car. He came in 3rd place! Not to bad for a first timer!

The end of March wrapped up with Spring Break. I usually dread this time of year. The weather is cruddy, not a good time for vacation etc. However this year I was determined to have a good time with the kids. And that we did! We spent a couple of hours at the library checking out books and taking a really fun class on Paper Airplane making. Lots of lunch dates. When it stopped raining we headed to the park. We decided to check out Ft. Nisqually. That was a pretty cool day. We learned a lot about pioneers and fur traders. To end the week off right we went to Charlie Safari with Liz and the gang. Oh how we love that place. The kids play hard and have a fabulous time. Liz and I get to enjoy visiting and watching the very quick little feet of Cooper. Sadly I didn't take any pictures of our adventures. We were to busy having fun!