Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 6-Primary Children

This is my most hated and most loved time of year having a calling in Primary. We have one week till our primary program, its stressful! Making sure everyone has a part and they know where they are sitting. However, the joy that fills my heart when you hear those innocent voices sing the songs  that they have worked so hard all year to learn is priceless. This next Sunday I have to sit on the stand with them while they do there parts. I sit with my back to the congregation so that I can help the kids when they need it. Its all a ruse though, I really sit with my back to them so they can't see the buckets of happy tears that want to fall through the entire program. If you want to learn more about my beliefs and the beliefs that these children will be sharing on Sunday, just click that little picture of Christ. You know the one, its up there on the right side of your screen.